A Fairy Tale Ending


Once upon a time there was a princess who had been living in abject squalor. She was a princess who knew how to make the best of it. She was given much, but had learned that everything given had a price, even if it was an unseeable price, an immeasurable price. Nothing in life was free, or easy. But this princess was unable to see the bad and the evil. She was innocent of the ways of the powerful. She was a simple girl who loved and desired to be loved.

When the king died, he left his fortune to the princess.This was bittersweet for the princess. Although the king meant to help change the princess’s circumstance, what happened next was not what he intended.Just as she was almost able to see the easier side of life, life beyond grief and constant struggle, enter the Executrix, the Lawyer and the Auctioneer.

The Executrix was appointed by the king at an earlier point in his life. The king wished to honor the Excutrix in a way that would not take from the princess, but yet make the Excutrix feel appreciated for her service to the king in past years. Little did he know that the Excutrix was only ever interested in the money the king had and never in the king himself. While the king lay on his deathbed, he requested time with the Excutrix. She scoffed at him in his dying state and told him lies and left him to die. Her true colors finally showing, she left and did not return until the king had taken his final breath. And before he was even removed from his throne, the Excutrix was already eyeing the many treasures the king had collected. The treasures that were to be passed on to the princess.

In her sorrow, the princess was unabashedly confused and without the council of the king, she turned to the people the king had trusted and left in charge. The Lawyer was one of the king’s closest and most trusted advisors. Naturally, the princess turned to him with question of legal and practical matters. The Lawyer, as it turns out, was just another pretender. He was sloth-like in his handling of the king’s estate. He seemed to want to please the princess, but at the same time, took no responsibility for the legal maneuvers. The princess was not versed in the ways of  the law,therefore was vulnerable to the Lawyer and his manipulative ways. The Lawyer enjoyed drama and seeing angst and anger. He liked to think of himself as the puppeteer and all of the rest of the members of court his own personal puppets to pull and push as he liked.

With no help from the Excutrix, and never able to get a straight answer from the Lawyer, the princess was left to her own devices when it came time to choose an Auctioneer. The king had collected many treasures on his many travels. Too many treasures for the princess to house in her humble dwelling. So, it was decided that an auction would be the way to release many of these treasures back into the world, back to people who would love and appreciate them. The princess kept what she loved from the king’s treasures, that which reminded the princess of the king. And she called the Auctioneer.

The Auctioneer came to appraise and evaluate the king’s collections. He was very excited and motivated by what he saw. The sparkle in his eye rivaled the the best jewels in the king’s collection. Unbeknownst to the princess, the Auctioneer was a criminal of the worst sort. He was worse than a common thief, worse than a lucid beggar. He played upon the grieving, the weak, the old and the naive. He worked from the angle of professional, knowledgable, well meaning friend. Oh, he was wise in the ways of the world. He auctioned off the king’s collection. He gathered a handsome price for the items. Although the princess found little comfort in the dollar amount garnered from the material , she knew the king would have been very pleased with the prices some of the items fetched.

You see, the king didn’t collect his treasures because of their worth, but rather for the love of the object or the story behind it. The king remembered the story behind every item he owned. So, the auction itself was very hard on the princess. It was yet another reminder that the king was gone, no longer to share in the joys of life. The Lawyer was in full support of the Auctioneer and the Excutrix had no opinion on any issue and was still pouting about the revelation that she was not to inherit anything.

I bet you can guess the outcome of this tale of woe. The Auctioneer absconded with the monies from the auction, the Lawyer placed all blame on the Excutrix (or conversely on the princess depending on whom he was telling the story) and the Excutrix became enraged and began stealing the rest of the estate all the while threatening the princess with more and more legal proceedings.

Now, the princess was devastated. First from the loss of the king, then by the spiteful nature of the Executrix and lastly by the duplicitous nature of the trusted Lawyer. The Auctioneer was apprehended but alas, the money was not to be recovered. And try as the princess may, the Auctioneer was not even held accountable for the awful deed. He escaped, again, unpunished. The princess, coming from a humble and meager place was more outraged for the little old ladies who trusted the Auctioneer with the last of their precious treasures to be sold so they may pay the heat bill, or buy a small trinket for their grandchild. Those poor little old ladies who now had nothing to show for their years of careful saving, their precious heirlooms. What to do?

Luckly, the princess learned a beautiful lesson from the king. That money and things do not make a life. That family and love are more important than diamonds. That truth and justice may not be forthcoming, but they always arrive in due time. The princess came to terms with the loss of the treasures. She recognized the Lawyer as someone who is flawed and not trustworthy. She stopped making excuses for the Excutrix behavior and she campaigned on every front for the execution of the Auctioneer’s business.

And she continued to live her life. She honored the king in the ways that matter and she passed on the lesson learned to any who did ask. And she found peace and happiness in her simple life. Oh and she also sued the hell out of all three and got back every cent stolen from her and ruined the reputation of the Excutrix, the Lawyer and the Auctioneer. Moral of the story? Don’t mess with the princess. The End.

About sparklingbytheway

I am a single mother to three girls. I live in a very small village and I teach dance in another very small village that is on the oppisite side of the medium sized city. This blog is about my life, past, present and future. My opinions, my thoughts, my ideas. I love to read other people's experience, strength and hope and so now I will share a little bit of my own. I love to laugh and make others laugh. I swear and I can't spell for shit but I never intend to offend!!!

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  1. Isn’t it so good when you can get to “that” place. You’re amazing Ellen– to have gone through what you’ve gone though in your life and still have a good attitude about it. I find you inspirational. (and I love your writing and your sense of humor about it all.)

    You #1 fan,

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