Yes,you are right, we are not worthy Charlie.


I'm sure she finds daddy's rants hysterical!!! Way to "be a village" America!!!

Enough with the Charlie Sheen circus. Really. I woke up this morning to Breaking News: Charlie Sheen’s kids were removed from his home last night!!! And in other news: some riots in some foreign countries and some natural disasters, death, destruction and global economy is near ruins. Now, back to Charlie Sheen….

Let me explain something to you all….mental illness is not funny. Addiction is not something that should be televised and laughed at. Charlie Sheen has lost his mind, that is clear. Why is that being televised? Because we, as a nation, are fascinated by the downfall of the rich and famous? Nice. Let’s think about his kids for a minute. His innocent, young kids. Not only are they being exposed to his insanity, but it is being documented so that they will get to live with it for the rest of their lives. They didn’t ask for this. No one is protecting them.

Where are the mothers of these children you ask? They have also been waylaid by Charlie’s diseases. Living with an active alcoholic is too much for most of us….isn’t that why YOU aren’t living with an active alcoholic? If asked your opinion wouldn’t it be “I wouldn’t BE in that situation!” Ok, then shut up. Because your opinion doesn’t count and you have no experience, if you did, you would be as pissed off as I am about the entire fiasco.

I listened to Donald Trump talking about running for president….yes, did you miss that when you were all giggling over Charlie’s latest tweet? Yes, Donald Trump considering a run for president. Because he feels that America is the laughing-stock of the world. Because we aren’t making money and we have high unemployment. We need to focus on bringing gas prices down so that China will stop making fun of us. Ok, Donald, I am pretty sure that China is laughing at us because we are filling up our tanks at 5 dollars a gallon and judging Charlie Sheen….now we are superior!!! Superior to CHARLIE SHEEN!!!!!! Ahhh, that feels better…

So, here’s the deal. Charlie isn’t going to stop. He is out of control and it isn’t funny it is sad. I knew an alcoholic who was brow beaten his entire life by people who loved him but didn’t know any better. They were constantly, until the day he died, telling him he had the power to stop drinking. If he really loved his family he would stop drinking. The guilt and blamed heaped on his shoulders finally broke him. And what choice did he have but to believe that the people he loved and trusted were right? That he really did have the power to stop? And when he really, truly could NOT stop, he gave in and began to say “you’re right. I guess I don’t want to stop.” What choice did he have? His loved ones MUST be right. He couldn’t believe that he actually had no power to stop…..

The facts are this: Charlie Sheen is no different from any other addicted mentally ill person. They are all around you. The only difference is they don’t have a tv show. That’s it. And their families love them just as Charlie’s family loves him. And Charlie, just exactly like every other active addict is suffering. The pain is so overwhelming he has to figure out a way that he can justify his behavior.

Imagine, if this were YOUR father and his manic episodes were being broadcast and you were being abandoned. Imagine if it was YOUR husband who you could no longer speak to because his actions had almost killed you. Imagine it was YOUR son who was acting so irrationally, hurting his children without any thought…just imagine. What would you do? Sign up for his twitter? “Like” his insane quotes on Facebook? DVR his latest interview on tv? Or would you be in so much pain and confusion, desperate for someone, ANYone to help you get him help…..or maybe, if it was your loved one, you would just laugh at him and act incrediouslous…..and then you would probably vote for Donald Trump, wouldn’t you…..

About sparklingbytheway

I am a single mother to three girls. I live in a very small village and I teach dance in another very small village that is on the oppisite side of the medium sized city. This blog is about my life, past, present and future. My opinions, my thoughts, my ideas. I love to read other people's experience, strength and hope and so now I will share a little bit of my own. I love to laugh and make others laugh. I swear and I can't spell for shit but I never intend to offend!!!

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  1. It’s impossible to avoid!!! But really, what other illness do we laugh at people for having? What other illness do we scream at people for having? It’s seriously sick, but totally expected…it’s just what we do. Like when going to a hanging in the town square was considered acceptable….I guess it’s disapointing to know that we are supposedly a “civil, structured” society with plenty to entertain ourselves with and this is what is making the headlines. And that the ones with the lasting damage will be the children.

    • All mental illnesses get this kind of ridicule, but it doesn’t turn national until it happens to a celebrity. It would be no different if he turned out to be a schizophrenic, a sociopath, BPD, DID. It doesn’t matter. A celeb goes insane and they eat it up like candy.

      What’s worse is it sounds like he’s eating it up too. What does that tell you? they’re encouraging the behavior they should be laying to rest. He’s not going to stop as long as all of the media is doting on him. Whether he’s bipolar or is just doing the standard celebrity mid-life crisis of “act crazy to get back in the limelight”, it doesn’t matter. It’s only exacerbating it.

  2. This is a great post about the media basically taking something very personal, a battle with mental illness, and not only making it public but making it a public spectacle. I feel awful for his family. Can you imagine how his father must feel watching his son go through all of this in the public eye?

  3. My situation is very different. I’m a schizophrenic, so unlike bipolar people, my episodes aren’t going off the wall manic or completely depressed or extreme rage or whatever. When I have an “episode” it’s very extreme, and I definitely don’t want to throw myself in front of some television camera to publicize it. I keep it as private as possible because, let’s face it, everyone thinks of that crazy guy on the street corner arguing with the people no one else can see or hear.

    However, this whole Charlie thing, he doesn’t strike me to take it seriously himself. He doesn’t seem to care that he’s making himself the fool in front of the whole country. He seems to enjoy the attention, and it’s better to have them laughing at you than to be invisible, for some people at least. This is the problem I have with fame, it helps people self-destruct.

    It’s no small wonder the whole world laughs at us. We care more about issues like Princess Di, Charlie Sheen, and Brittany Spears than we do about global climate change, gas prices, and politics. We care more about some celeb hitting rehab than we do about those suffering in our own communities. It’s really a sad state of affairs.

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