Thinking about my dad today….

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I guess we never stop being a parent. We never stop trying to teach and guide our kids. I had a feeling this is the way it worked but I now see it is the absolute truth.

When my dad was dying of cancer, there were only two of us who took care of him. Me and his partner Jim. Jim was there 24/7. I had 3 little girls to care for also so I had to go home to my house every once and a while to make sure they were eating and clean. I’m very lucky that I have good kids. The 11 year old totally stepped up and cared for the younger two. I was also very fortunate to live less than a mile from my dad’s. My then husband and I were astranged. He was some where on the streets and of no use to me, the…

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About sparklingbytheway

I am a single mother to three girls. I live in a very small village and I teach dance in another very small village that is on the oppisite side of the medium sized city. This blog is about my life, past, present and future. My opinions, my thoughts, my ideas. I love to read other people's experience, strength and hope and so now I will share a little bit of my own. I love to laugh and make others laugh. I swear and I can't spell for shit but I never intend to offend!!!

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