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Our New Cousin Bonnie


She has a pretty smile

So, everyone thinks I am a nut. I took in a friend’s dog for an indefinite amount of time. Might be a few months, could be 3 years…Not really sure. My friend is a single mom of 3 young kids, just moved herself, her kids, her 3 dogs, 2 cats and couple of bunnies from one state (where she had just finished her Masters in some sort of scientific smarty pants degree) to another state to go to law school (of course). And she is only in her late 20’s. She came to my hometown to visit with her 3 kids and her 3 dogs. She had asked if I would be willing to keep one of her dogs for an extended stay. I agreed and here is why.

Firstly, I think she is an incredible woman. I am so impressed with her and what she is doing I was honored to be able to help her out. Secondly, when I was her age, my life was chaos and all I really needed was someone to take just one thing off my hands for just a little while so that I could focus and regroup myself and my family. I didn’t have that. In fact, whenever I asked, it seems that I would have more crap piled onto my plate by whom ever I asked to help. I know the feeling of overwhelm and I know the feeling of just needing someone to lend a hand and I know the feeling of NOT getting that hand.

So, when she asked I said yes! Yes I will take your sweetie dog Bonnie. I think I was supposed to take her other dog but she was not as friendly with strangers and I have other people’s kids in and out of the house so I didn’t want a nervous dog to scare the kids. So, Bonnie came to stay.

My friends think I am nuts. My mom thinks I am nuts. I am probably nuts but in a good way. I think it’s funny that my mom thinks I am nuts as she did the same thing with cats when I was growing up. Wonder where I get it from…Anyway, Bonnie is a good girl. She is a tiny jack russle mix. I would guess she has some corgi in her? She’s a mutt. A snuggly little white mutt with freckles and brown eyes. My youngest is in love with her because she is not a spaz like Leo. She has manners and she likes to cuddle. And so Bonnie has moved in with my littlest girl. Leo was very excited to have Bonnie as a new friend. Very excited. VERY excited. EXCITED!!!!

Leo sniffed and barked and wagged. Bonnie cowered behind me. Leo sang a song, did his amazing flips from couch to couch to chair, and chewed on the coffee table all in an effort to impress Bonnie. Bonnie tried to crawl into my arm pit. Leo finally settled down on the chair and just contemplated his new “cousin” who was molded around my middle sound asleep. He didn’t get her. He wanted to play! He wanted to jump around and make me yell at him (he loves when I yell at him and clap my hands and stamp my feet…he thinks it’s funny). But Bonnie wanted nothing to do with Leo and his bad behaviors. Leo cocked his head and was confused. He also did not get the snuggling. He will snuggle if he is tired and it is almost bedtime anyway. But at any other time of the day he is GO GO GO!!!! No snuggling for Mr. Independent. He has stuff to chew, places to pee and a mom to piss off. No time for that snuggling crap.

Places to go…Things to see….Butts to sniff!!!! ONWARD!!!

Now, with the addition of Bonnie Love I have come to an awareness about myself and my choices in dogs. When I had Emma and Spencer, EVERYONE loved Emma because she was a good submissive girl who ONLY wanted to be petted and snuggled. Everyone loved Spencer because he was soooo good lookin and very funny. Emma was an attention hound. Spencer loved to get his belly rubbed but really, he could take it or leave it. I mean, if the garbage can was still upright, or the front door was open, or the toilet seat was up, well then, he had a job to do. Loving could wait. And as much as I hated the garbage knocked over or running around the neighborhood like an idiot yelling for Spence, I also very much LOVED his personality. His independent spirit, his ability to just be himself despite me. I enjoyed Spence. I loved Emma because she was sweet and there was no doubt that she loved us completely. Spencer, I was never quite sure that he loved us. He knew we loved him, I know he cared about us…but he wasn’t co dependent. He had things to do ya know.

I see the same thing now with Leo and Bonnie. Bonnie wants love. She wants to be with us and physically close to us. Leo wants to be with us but mainly because he wants us to play with him, take him for a ride or walk, yell at him or chase him. Sure, he wants love….when he wants it. Not when he doesn’t want it. Bonnie wants love 24/7 and even when she isn’t in the mood, she is. She is never not in the mood! I am falling in love with Bonnie but really who wouldn’t? That’s a no brainer. A good dog who gives love. Isn’t that the ideal? But I am realizing how much I love Leo and his naughty spazy self. I love his character, I love his personality and I love his independence. More than I did when I didn’t have a good dog to compare him to.

could care less about a butt sniffing session….there’s a nice leg to curl up with…oooohhhh and flannel sheets!!!!

The addition of Bonnie is making both of them shine.

Now, upon further thought, I realize that what I like in a canine is also what I tend to like in a guy. An attractive guy who is lots of fun, independent, kind of a spaz and takes it in stride when I get annoyed with his antics. But loving, loyal and smart. And fixed. Just kidding…kind of…