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The Day After Japan


It’s getting worse. It hasn’t been fixed.

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Japan had an earthquake, then a tsunami and now a nuclear meltdown. Really, in the grande scheme of things, does it get any worse? I mean, that is both mother nature AND man made disasters happening simultaneously. How can they possibly rebound from losing over 20,000 (at last count…still counting) people. Think about that, we lost over 3000 on 9/11 and almost everyone in our country knew someone who knew someone who was connected to the tragedy. Losing 20,000 means everyone lost someone they knew personally.

Ok, so, there are the deaths that have already occurred from the tsunami. They did the best they could with that. They were as prepared as they could be and it could have been worse if it had happened in a less developed country. But we are talking about Japan here. They are a first world country. They are just like us only geographically smaller and…

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Cecelia Experiments with Color


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Cecelia, by her own doing, has had a rough life. She is mean and miserable pretty much all of the time. But we love her. That is her character. She’s bad ass. She chewed off her own tail once…she is not a cat you want to mess with.

Today, I was painting in my daughter’s room. I had pink, blue, yellow and green latex paint happening. Eddie tried to come visit and I shooed him away. I have done the “cat walks thru the paint tray” and “dog’s tail knocks over the paint can” and have learned my lesson the hard way. Eddie gave me a look of pure hurt that I would shoo him when all he wanted was to come visit, but he left quietly. I wasn’t worried about Cece as she doesn’t care to visit anyway. It took me 8 hours to paint 6 boxes and 5 steps…

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