Dear Diary, Sometimes It’s So Worth It



I scream, you scream, we ALL scream for HOT HOCKEY GUYS!!!!!!

I scream, you scream, we ALL scream for HOT HOCKEY GUYS!!!!!!

So, yesterday the kids and I went to the mall. For hating the mall so much, we sure have been there alot lately. With no money. I’m getting sick of being broke. Something has got to give…and by something I mean someone. Like someone has got to start giving me money because this is getting redonkulous. Maybe one of y’all could get on that? While you are searching for my birth daddy, you could also find me a sugar daddy (CanNOT be the same man. Be reasonable). Hurry up though ok? I saw some wicked cute shoes that I definitely need for Easter.

So, since we don’t have money, we just go into stores and hold up stuff that we like and take pictures of each other with the clothes draped over us. It’s funner that way. We do other stuff too. Like let the girls at the hair straightener kiosk do our hair…and then walk away without buying anything. Someday…someday I will go back and buy their 250 dollar hair straightener…someday right after one of you gets off your ass and finds me my birth family who probably has put away money for me just in case I found them and they wanted to pay me off or something. Hey, I don’t know what kind of birth family I come from! A girl can dream can’t she?

Then, my 15 year old remembered she had a gift certificate for the ice cream shop!!! This was an awesome surprise!!! So, off we skip (no we didn’t cause that would just be weird) to the ice cream shop. We order and sit to eat. When all of the sudden, in walk 3 VERY handsome men. Dressed fancy with bags from fancy stores….and as my eyes were watering from the heat of their hotness, I realized I totally recognized them! They are hockey players for our local minor league hockey team!!! OMG!!! We LOVE hockey…players!!!! So I told my 15 year old and she was over the moon excited and asked if she should say something. I said of course she should say something! But wait!! Timing is everything. We don’t want to make it more awkward than it is going to be.

So, she was sitting there holding in her teenager squeels…waiting….waiting…and they were leaving the ice cream shop….and…..GO NOW GO GO GO!!! So, she goes running out after them and stops them and asks if they are hockey players and they say yes…so she asks if she can have a picture with them and they sort of chuckle and say yes of course….Now I am feeling like a 15 year old myself so I send my 11 year old out with my phone to take the picture. I was star struck. These guys are physically beautiful. They took the pictures and smiled and were very gracious and then they left. My 15 year old came back in and went over every word she said and they said…3 times…Best ice cream shop experience EVER!

Then, we went to work, came home, went to bed, had sweet hockey dreams and today was back to reality. Reality being so different from the world I live in. The world I live in everyone I used to know and love has made the same progress as me in the same time frame. That’s a lovely thought, but certainly not reality. So, I get slapped in the head with the reality of inconsistency, different priorities and special needs. Tomorrow is the big St. Patrick’s Day parade. If it’s not Scottish, it’s crap. And that is how I feel about it.

Throw pillows on the floor make me go ballistic.

I’m really hoping that the missing 777 flight to Malaysia is just a publicity stunt advertising the new Lost series….

She's a maniac...a maniac I know....

She’s a maniac…a maniac I know….

Aunt Viv's outfit circa 1990 Fresh Prince of Bel Air...everything old is new again!

Aunt Viv’s outfit circa 1990 Fresh Prince of Bel Air…everything old is new again!


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