I am a single mother to three incredible kids. I didn’t start out as a single mom, but this is where I am today. Life has been event-filled and never dull. One day at a time is how we roll. A sense of humor serves us well and the older I get the more I see the importance of finding the funny. I’m opinionated and always willing to learn.

I love tv, I love music, I love live theatre and I love being free. It’s hard work, this living life stuff, but it’s worth it!!

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  1. Your are great. Loved your comments on the Gulf. I feel the same, however I do feel a connection to the ocean, along with the mountains. I live in the Pacific Northwest, so we are surrounded by “nature”, the ocean as well as mountains. I love living here; we have eagles, hawks, deer, all kinds of wild living things. I have been devastated by the gulf disaster as no other destruction of nature has affected me. I find myself “running” mentally from this, as I do not see any solution to it. It is as bad as if we dropped a nuclear bomb on the coast.

  2. I started with your “we killed an ocean” post and continued on to your “snot and weasles” post and your “AIDS” post. Thank you for sharing your thoughtful personal reflections.

  3. Hi,
    It would be great if you opened a Cc:Everybody account (cceverybody.com) and give us (your readers) a way of emailing you publicly. This way the work you put into answering those emails won’t go to waste in the inbox, and we can all read about your views and opinions about the topic we send you – what do you say?

  4. I just wanted to thank you for the great blog about the ocean. Yes, we’re being held accountable by our home that we have disrespected. When we talk about the “costs” of solar and wind power and biofuels, we DO NOT fully account for the TRUE COSTS of oil, our exploration for it, and the real harm we’ve done and continue to do as a result of our loyalty to it.
    I too am a blogger in upstate NY (www.icansir.org) as well as a single dad. I share the joy of parenthood and all of its wonderful surprises. How do we justify dumping this type of screw up (oil spill, nuclear waste, strip mining, air pollution) into their laps? Keep up the good blogging! GPK

  5. Hey there,

    I just wanted to say thank you for sharing about your life on my blog. I never thought someone would actually read my blog, let alone be affected by it. Your words are very encouraging.

    After reading a little on your blog, we have alot in common about our lives. I look forward to reading more on your blog, and I might actually post something on mine soon…



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