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Girls Gone Wild Got NOTHIN On Me…


hard rock 2It has been a very long week. It was spring break here so the kids were off from school. But the weather was awful and my daughter was sick and I don’t have work so that means I have way too much time to pay attention. Pay attention to the local news, the national news, the international news. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy current affairs greatly. But generally when I am working I can only devote a tiny part of my brain to the way the world should be.

This week I found myself in many debates, some with actual people (not just the voices in my head)! This North Korea thing has been a bit concerning if you ask me. I don’t understand it and therefore it scares me. I think that is a legit response to a country that I don’t understand who has nuclear weapons. Fear. I mean, I am not obsessed but I am interested enough to do a little research. I have had a few people tell me it is nothing, that the North Korean government does this blustering alot to keep its people under control. I am not so sure that is the case this time. I hope I am wrong. At the very least I have read some history on the leadership and the country itself. Being more informed is a good thing. So is living on the east coast.

Then there was the recent decision on allowing the Plan B pill to be sold OTC to all ages. So, that means that any child under the age of 17 can go pick up Plan B. My issue with this is that Plan B is a serious cocktail of hormones designed to stop ovulation. I think it is a very good drug, it is safe when used correctly but I take issue with the idea that a child can get this drug without any adult supervision. I can’t see how this is going to be a good thing for women’s rights or health.

If a girl is beginning puberty between the ages of 10 and 11 these days and is engaging in sexual activity by the age of 13 on average, her hormones are already in a state of chaos. Add to that an UNprotected sexual experience, which is more than likely with a male who is much older than she, the fear of parents finding out, and the idea of pregnancy and you have one messed up little kid. While I am in full support of a woman’s right to choose and I would think that Plan B would be a great option for a 12, 13 or 14 year old girl who found herself in this situation, I feel absolutely, without ANY reservation, that this medication should be prescribed by a medical professional. I don’t think the parents need to be notified or anything like that. But for the sake of the child, she needs to have a safe place to go, with knowledgeable people, who can not only dispense this medication so that she doesn’t get pregnant but, who can also give her options so that she doesn’t have to go thru this trauma again. A place like Planned Parenthood where she can be counseled about birth control and STDs and HIV prevention and relationships.

Marriage equality. That was a hot topic. The Supreme Court hearings on if gay marriage is legal or should be legal and what would change and what wouldn’t. Beyond all of the rhetoric, beyond all of the strong feelings and even beyond the love, it seems to me that there is no way that gay marriage could be considered illegal. It just doesn’t make sense. But to hear the Justices and their replies to the lawyers arguing for and against Prop 8 and DOMA was actually very entertaining. How the technicalities of the previous laws passed are now influencing how we are willing to interpret those laws. I really hope that now we know better, we do better. The verdict is still out…seems silly to me that we should have a debate on who can and can’t marry…in the year 2013….when we have already made asses out of ourselves 50 years ago debating and arguing over who can and can’t marry…but what do I know?

But having thought about “giving gays the RIGHT to marry” and what that might lead to….I am fairly certain that until dogs grow thumbs and speak english that they will NOT be allowed to marry their owners. The same goes for all other forms of livestock. And unless this new Pope is REALLY perverted, I mean progressive, I don’t see brothers and sisters  being allowed to marry either. Cause ya know, God rules, Congress drools. So, no worries y’all. I thought that one through…we are safe!!!

There was the prominent lawyer in town who was arrested on child porn charges. And then……released on bail. This was less than a month after a man who had been under house arrest for child porn charges, cut off his ankle monitor and raped a 10 year old girl and killed her mother. So, this one had me speechless. Which is not a condition I find myself in very often. The D.A. had asked for no bail but the judge granted 100 grand because this lawyer is a well known member of our community. I just….I….wow. Just wow. Ok, sure, there is the whole innocent until proven guilty thing…but when it comes  to child porn how about we just say a universal “no bail”. It’s worth it, in my opinion, to hold a possibly innocent person in jail until trial rather than allow them to be about in society and hurt more children.

Ongoing is : legislation on gun control (for), The Monsanto Act that was passed (against), Fallon taking over for Leno (for), and ofcourse the Big East basketball conference (eh…yeah).

In conclusion, I would like to remind everyone to Stop, Drop and Roll, only YOU can prevent forest fires, and next year we are definitely going to The Great Wolf Lodge Indoor Water Park. I’m exhausted!